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An Open Source platform based on PHP, Zencart is at the behind today’s highly interactive and attractive e-commerce websites. Known for its flexibility, it is freely accessible under the GNU which has greatly enhanced its popularity around the world. This article looks at the reasons why Zencart is the perfect platform for today’s businesses that look to take their stores online

1. Zencart makes it really easy to install and manage components from the backend. The administrator section, for example, is designed in such a way that even persons new to the internet would be able to use and navigate. The fact that it offers multi lingual support makes it attractive too.

2. Another advantage of Zencart is its support of multiple currencies and integration of different payment gateways. This has greatly enhanced the global acceptability of Zencart as a ecommerce platform of choice.

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Joomla Templates and WordPress Themes

At face value, Joomla templates and WordPress themes seem similar. There are a few minor details to take note of, however, that may affect your decision when choosing between the two content management systems.

Template/Theme Purpose

 A trend I’ve noticed with themes and templates is that Joomla templates seem to be designed and developed with versatility in mind, whereas WordPress themes are designed with a specific purpose in mind — usually content-oriented.

Premium templates for Joomla will contain all the bells and whistles which will help you tailor your site to a specific purpose. WordPress themes, on the other hand, mostly seem to be limited to a single purpose. If you aren’t a web designer, this makes it a little difficult to customize the theme to suit something that isn’t quite what you are aiming for.

Either way has its pitfalls, but I have to say I prefer Joomla in this department. I’d rather have too much choice than be limited by design.

Multiple Templates

 Something I consider important is native support for multiple templates within one website — in other words, the ability to select a specific template/theme for different pages on your website. Joomla offers this functionality and WordPress doesn’t. I believe it can be done in WordPress through the use of plugins and customization — but I honestly couldn’t be bothered when Joomla is able to do this natively.

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INFERCRAFT share with you the insights of designing  and developing a kick amazing websites that you wouldn't ever imagine.

 1. Think like a website

Try to keep in mind the limitations and strengths of the web when designing. For example, look for backgrounds that can repeat easily, or avoid designs that have a lot of overlapping transparency (at least until IE6 isn’t on so many computers).

 2. Web typography

Your web typography will set your design apart from other studios. Study optimum line heights, widths and look for inventive ways to guide the viewer through your layout only using CSS rules. There’s something refreshing about only having 3 or 4 good fonts to work with. Flash replacement (sIFR) is alright, but don’t overuse it.

 3. Subtle effects

A subtle gradient or shadow can add dimension without being tacky. Please keep the word subtle in mind, and only use when necessary. We don’t need shadows and gradients everywhere.

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