5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Python

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Python stands among the most dynamic and robust programming languages being used on the internet on these days. The reason for its success is its focus on code readability, and due to its syntax, and implementation methods, the coders and programmers have to write significantly less as compared to C++ and Java.

Another plus point is that memory management doesn’t need any manual work in this language and wide numbers of libraries are available for programming. Once you complete a course in Python, you can certainly land a job in various influencing It companies.

This language supports a number of styles such as the functional programming, object-oriented styles and imperative styles. If this isn’t enough to convince you, below are 5 Reasons to learn Python.

1. It is easy to learn

 This language is created by keeping a newcomer in mind. The completition of tasks therefore requires less code as compared to other languages. The codes are comparatively 5 times shorter than Java and around 10 times in comparison to C++. They are also easily readable.

It requires a bit of knowledge to reach to a level when newbies can learn straight from looking at the code.

2. High Preference for Web Development

This language consist of wide number of frameworks which are quite useful when designing a website. Django is the most popular framework among those names. It is due to these frameworks that Python has become quite flexible. There are around 1 billion websites online and they would only increase in the nearby future. Thereby, It seems only logical that this language would prove to be a great asset for developers.

3. Ideal language of Startups 

A startup means that you have to be tight on budget and time for launching your new product or service. Using this language, one can create a product which differentiates from rest of the competition. Python is suggested for reducing code, time, and cost.

The language is capable of scaling any complex app into a version which can even by a small team. This way, you won’t only save a lot of resources, but also you would get your app steered to the right direction.

4. Unlimited Resources and Frameworks 

If you take up python learning, you won’t go short on resources. There are a wide number of resources available for python learners. There are quite rare chances that you will get stuck. Its vast and standard library also provides functionalities which are built in the language.

The testing framework enables a speedy workflow and reduced debugging time.

5. Awesome revenue stream 

Most of the IT companies these days such as Yahoo, Google, Nokia and IBM are using Python. If you look at the growth in the last years, python has witnessed a dramatic growth.

Thereby its demand is likely to increase in the coming years. 

Boost Your CV - If you are planning to make your carrier in the web designing field, you should definitely opt for learning python.

Mentioning that you have a certification in this language would certainly boost the power of your CV and make you preferred candidate for the vacant position.

Conclusion – Learning python is overall profitable and would certainly yield you long time benefits. If  you don’t want to take it as a profession, you can even learn it as passion

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